Grace Santorini Hotel & Villa
Santorini, Greece

Grace Santorini Hotel & Villa Santorini, Greece
Ngày hoàn tất: 2012
Ghé thăm website
Kiến trúc: Divercity & Mplusm

The understated design places the focus on the majestic landscape.

Characterised by pure minimalism, simple structures and organic shapes, this 400 m² luxury residence offers a modern interpretation of traditional architecture. The surrounding landscape and the inspiration provided by natural materials form the architectural focus of the concept. With cave-like features, the design is heavily
influenced by the porosity of the local rock, as is the colour palette of volcanic ash.

The significant profile of the building is emphasised by the GROHE Ondus and Quadra bathroom faucets. At the same time, their sophisticated technologies ensure maximum comfort for the ultimate in sumptuous relaxation and water enjoyment.

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