B.O.G. Hotel
Bogota, Colombia

B.O.G. Hotel Bogota, Colombia
Ngày hoàn tất: 2012
Ghé thăm website
Thiết kế nội thất: Nini Andrade Silva and Guillermo Arias y Asociados

The design hotel boasts first-class leisure facilities and incorporates a pool on the roof

The building fabric of this luxurious hotel is comprised of a combination of granite, natural stone and aluminium units. The interior is inspired by Colombia’s natural resources, featuring the sparkle and magnificence of gold
and emeralds.

The GROHE showers and thermostats, which provide showering enjoyment of the highest order, underline the luxury on offer as well as the design concept. In addition, the individual adjustment of the Rainshower® F-Series Multi Spray shower head ensures optimum comfort

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