PGE Arena
Gdanks, Poland

Ngày hoàn tất: 2011
Kiến trúc: RKW Architektur + Städtebau

The shimmering outer envelope is composed of six types of different coloured modules, the mixture of which creates a uniform colour gradient

This multi-purpose arena is a venue for the 2012 European Football Championship. The shape and colour of the stadium are based on two motifs which are typical of the region: shipbuilding and amber. The slender load-bearing structure of the arena is reminiscent of a ship’s hull, whilst the polycarbonate envelope lends the façade its transparency, lightness and ambercoloured brightness.

In the sanitary facilities, the low-maintenance GROHE Rapid SL installation systems ensure that the WCs and urinals have a reliable supply of water, even at peak times.

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