Bolshoi Theatre
Moscow, Russia

Ngày hoàn tất: 2011
Kiến trúc: Nikita Shangin
Thiết kế nội thất: Andrei Mikhailov

The building constructed in 1856 by the Russian-Italian architect Albert Cavos has been restored to its former glory.

The unstable theatre has been renovated using the latest construction technology, whereby the structure has been anchored in the rock of the city using more than 2300 reinforced concrete supports.

The new sanitary facilities have been fitted with the quick-to-install GROHE Rapid SL flushing systems. The infra-red technology of the touch-free GROHE Tectron Skate wall plate regulates the needs-driven supply of water at the urinals, whilst the GROHE Skate Air wall plates effectively reduce the water consumption of the WCs.

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