A Better Universal Valve System

Introducing GrohFlex – a universal valve system designed to meet the needs of the North American market. It offers affordable flexibility in function and style. It’s easy to install, easy to upgrade and easy to maintain. It’s designed to help make a complex business easy.
Only the new GrohFlex system covers such a wide range of installation types – from single-showers to tub/shower combos to high-flow custom showers – with just one universal rough-in. Plus, GrohFlex offers pressure balancing and thermostatic control options for both the master and secondary bath. And its smart design features easy, intuitive operation with all functions controlled from a single axis, reducing the need for separate volume controls and diverters.

Product Range

Smart Solutions, Not More Solutions

With the GrohFlex system, we’ve combined the brains and beauty of your shower project into a single package. Unlike traditional valve systems, the GrohFlex control module ships with the trim – not the rough-in box. Designed to fit the universal rough-in box, these Bathroom Solution Kits
offer ultimate flexibility in function and design, while reducing specification complexity. Fewer SKUs are needed to meet all your business needs, simplifying specification and lowering inventory costs.

GROHE’s fifteen Bathroom Solution Kits were developed to cover every shower installation type. Whether a high-flow custom shower for the master bath or a tub/shower combo for the secondary bathroom, we’ve got it covered. If your installation calls for pressure balancing or thermostatic
control, we’ve got it covered. And each control module comes packaged with a trim that’s sure to fit your customers’ style.

One Rough-in, five Bathroom Solutions

No matter the application, we’ve got you covered.
GrohFlex is the advanced universal rough-in valve system with simplicity and flexibility built in. One rough-in works with any shower or tub/shower application – from a simple single-shower to the popular tub/shower combo to a luxurious high-flow custom shower. And it offers pressure balancing and
thermostatic control solutions for both the master and secondary bath.

Capturing your Style

Today’s bathroom goes way beyond function. It’s been transformed into an environment of relaxation and pampering, an escape from the frantic outside world. The bathroom also presents a unique opportunity to showcase one’s style. To this end, GrohFlex offers a range of stunning exterior trims that’s sure to fit your customers’ style.

Refined and honest, the Cosmopolitan style is a meticulous balance of design and functionality. Influenced by modern architecture and Bauhaus aesthetics, it fuses bold geometric shapes with advanced engineering.

Making the transition between traditional and contemporary, the Timeless style is born of the tension between old and new, ornate and clean-cut, romantic and edgy. Characterized by organic form fused with modern technology, the key to Timeless design is in the mix and match of styles
that make it your own.

Reviving the romance and elegance of past eras, the Authentic style reveals a simpler, more reflective way of life. Incorporating modern engineering and functionality, Authentic design mixes a variety of traditional styles, such as Classical, Belle Époque and Art Nouveau, to create bathroom fittings that offer comfortable, inviting experiences.

Cosmopolitan Design


Timeless Design


Authentic Design