Beauty and performance.

Perfectly balanced proportions on the outside and technically advanced on the inside – Allure unites inherent beauty with unmatched performance.

Cylindrical bodies rise from square and rectangular base plates adding to its minimalist appeal, while the collection offers a choice of two handle styles – a flat lever or a tri-spoke design – to meet your exacting requirements.

Mixers and fittings in this GROHE SPA® collection illustrate our commitment to unrivaled quality in the bathroom. Here, each element of the Allure three-hole bath combination – the spout, the hand shower and the lever handle – illustrates three world-class GROHE technologies.

GROHE StarLight®, our luxurious mirror-like chrome finish, highlights every detail of the spout.
GROHE DreamSpray® ensures balanced water distribution to every shower nozzle – even on the smallest of shower heads, while GROHE SilkMove® ensures the lever handle gives smooth and precise control of the water temperature and flow.
Allure Three-hole basin mixer
Allure Basin mixer
Allure Single-lever bath/shower mixer

Product Range

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Your favourite design in the right size.

To make it easy, all our washbasin mixers are marked with a „Size“ character that everybody understands : from Extra-Small to Extra-Large.
The higher the faucet gets, the higher and wider the spout reaches out, the more comfort !
A medium height tap designed for extra comfort. The slightly longer spout makes access easier.
GROHE BestMatch™
With GROHE BestMatch™, choose your favorite design and adapt the size to the washbasin - with the confidence that the combination fits technically and delivers the best comfort.

Design Story

With their confident and precise use of geometric shapes, Allure explore the pure, linear appeal of minimalist architecture to create a striking and alluring portfolio of mixers, showers and fittings.

Starting with the simplicity of a square or rectangle, the collection utilises geometric forms to their full potential. Allure plays host to a combination of cylinders, curves and cubes. The collection is completed by a dedicated
range of accessories for design affinity throughout your bathroom.

Basin Tap Styles

From the basin to the bathtub and beyond, Allure entices with its perfect silhouette.

A collection of fittings where geometric shapes are brought to life and every detail has been considered down to the rectangular mousseur, which delivers an enchanting stream of water.
Allure Three-hole basin mixer
The Allure Collection includes a choice of basin taps styles to enhance user comfort and ensure design compatibility with all shapes, sizes and styles of bathroom ceramics.
Allure Basin mixer

Allure Thermostats

From the ceiling to the floor, from your head to your toes, let the warm water tantalize every inch of your skin. The flush-mounted Rainshower® F-Series head shower recedes into the bathroom architecture when it’s not in use.

And for the perfect temperature and seamless, clean design? The concealed Allure thermostatic mixer, of course.

The thermostatic mixer ensure the temperature you select remains constant for the duration of your shower. No shocks, no surprises, just a constant stream of perfectly mixed water at the temperature of your choosing.

Cascade Spout

The Allure cascade spout complement the relaxing spa ambiance with inspirations drawn from nature.

The wall-mounted spout is designed to dispense water at just the right angle both for filling a bathtub and enjoying a shower. The water flowing from the spout forms a natural, wide and even waterfall which adds another sensual element to the spa experience. GROHE StarLight® technology is used to protect the brilliant and long-lasting chrome finish against scratching and soiling.

The new GROHE SPA® cascade spout for bathtubs and showers are a perfect choice for enjoying water in its most natural form.
Allure Cascade spout for bath and shower

Allure Accessories

Bold use of geometric shapes and Modernist influences appear across the Allure range of bathroom accessories. Cylinders emerge from square base plates, their pure forms accentuated by our lustrous chrome finish – GROHE StarLight®.

Created to complement the perfectly balanced design of Allure brassware collection, the range adds the finishing touch to your GROHE SPA® bathroom.
Allure 3-hole single-lever bath combination

Design Awards

2013 iF Product Design Award

iF Product Design Award

Allure Aquastripe
2013 red dot design award

red dot design award

Allure Aquastripe
2007 iF Product Design Award

iF Product Design Award

2006 iF Design Award China

iF Design Award China

GROHE Technology



Save precious resources and enjoy 100% water comfort.
GROHE SilkMove®

GROHE SilkMove®

Precise and effortless water control for a lifetime of smooth and comfortable tap handling.
GROHE StarLight®

GROHE StarLight®

Made-to-last surfaces ranging from precious matt to shiny like a diamond.
GROHE TurboStat®

GROHE TurboStat®

Always the right temperature, for utmost convenience and safety.
GROHE CoolTouch®

GROHE CoolTouch®

No scalding on hot surfaces thanks to 100% GROHE CoolTouch®.