GROHE Tempesta 100 Electric Showers

Redefining the electric shower experience

With our simple, intuitive, precise controls and the luxury of having your last used setting ready for you, GROHE Electric Showers bring new meaning to ease of use and convenience. For a sense of sheer indulgence the range features our precision engineered GROHE DreamSpray® technology which offers a luxuriously revitalising flow and a choice of three spray patterns to suit your mood. With our new range we aim to change your perception of the electric showering experience.

In the GROHE electric shower you will find a fusion of unique features. Each has its individual specialised purpose, but together the result is an electric shower which is durable, visually stunning and a joy to hold, delivering the sensation of a more powerful and dispersed water flow.

GROHE brings its global expertise and renowned showering experience to Electric Showers

GROHE, a world leader in delivering luxury showering solutions, is taking the electric experience to the next level with the introduction of the new GROHE Tempesta 100 Electric Shower range.

Electric showers are the ideal choice for consumers who don’t have stored hot water or have only limited supplies of hot water. Only mains cold water is required, which the electric shower heats on demand. This means you can shower anytime and be sure of hot water, even if your boiler breaks down. It also saves energy as you only heat the water on demand.

Now you have the option to choose an electric shower, but still enjoy a luxurious experience. This experience is ensured through application of our unique German innovations, which deliver the sensation of a more powerful and evenly dispersed water flow

Simple, Intuitive and Precise

GROHE have applied their extensive range of showering technologies to the new Tempesta 100 Electric Shower.

In the GROHE electric shower you will find a fusion of unique features. Each has its individual specialised purpose, but together the result is an electric shower which is durable, visually stunning and a joy to hold, delivering the sensation of a more powerful and dispersed water flow.

GROHE's NEW hand shower

  • A hand shower engineered to work on low water flow
  • COOLTOUCH® technology meaning the hand shower handle never gets hot
  • STARLIGHT® chrome finish designed to be extremely resistant to dirt and scratches
  • NEW Nozzle arrangement to maximise water dispersion, providing a better performance and stronger spray
  • Wider Nozzles for low flow focusing the spray pattern
  • Three spray pattern options

Flexible Installation

Incorporating GROHE QuickFix® technologies in both the electrical unit and riser rail, allow it to retro-fit over virtually any electric shower facilitating an easy upgrade to the GROHE Tempesta 100 Electric Showers.

Electric Shower Unit

The installer is given the choice of 8 water and 6 electrical entry points, allowing maximum flexibility when retrofitting over the footprint of an existing models.

Shower Set

The riser rail allows the wall fixings to be easily adjusted up or down to cover existing screw holes.

GROHE QuickFix

  • Shower rail incorporates GROHE QuickFix®
  • Variable distance between wall brackets
  • For adaption to existing screw holes
  • No need for new screw holes or leaving old screw holes exposed
  • Fixing template printed on the packaging
  • Makes installation quicker and easier
  • Perfect for replacement and new installations


In purchasing a GROHE electric shower customers will have :
  • 5 years warranty on the hand shower, rail and hose
  • 2 years on the electric shower unit
  • Offering 5 years reinforces the quality and after sales care synonymous with GROHE.

GROHE Shower Competence

At GROHE , German design and advanced engineering is in our DNA. Form and function work perfectly together to ensure that any GROHE product offers outstanding performance and quality. The 5-year warranty on the hand shower, shower rail and shower hose and the 2-year warranty on the Electric shower unit underlines the confidence that we have in our products.

The range includes two power options and a choice of three colours. Each GROHE Tempesta 100 shower has been thoughtfully designed for quick and easy installation, with a selection of versatile features that will save time, making it ideal whether replacing an existing shower or as a new installation.

Innovative technologies; unique features
Enhancing the shower experience

GROHE Technology

GROHE DreamSpray®

GROHE DreamSpray®

Innovative quality showers for luxurious revitalisation and wellbeing.
GROHE StarLight®

GROHE StarLight®

Made-to-last surfaces ranging from precious matt to shiny like a diamond.
GROHE QuickFix®

GROHE QuickFix®

Faster, easier and hassle-free, GROHE QuickFix® cuts installation time by up to 40%.

Spray Patterns



An effective pattern to brace the skin. Mimicking exhilarant heavy rains, the spray provides a full and even coverage.
Smart Rain Spray

Smart Rain Spray

All the features and benefits of our authentic Rain spray but with a reduced flow. A smart pattern that uses less water to deliver full showering enjoyment.


A focused circular spray which delivers a refreshing burst of water. Ideal for stimulating the skin or simply cleaning the bathtub or shower.

Key Features


Silicone ring prevents damage if shower falls.

Remove lime scale with a single wipe.

Inner water guide for longer life.

One rotary control for 3 power settings and one rotary control for temperature/flow adjustment. Seperate on/off button.

Zoom from extra wide Rain
to focused Jet spray.

A thermal cutout switches off the
heater should the water temperature
become too hot

6 power and 8 water entry options on top, rear or bottom on right and left hand side for fast and easy installation with maximum flexibility. Ideal for retro-fit or replacement