GROHE SPA Ceramics

Design dedication and expertise

An outstanding design pedigree always comes with a strong brand DNA. In our case that means subtle cues: a precise seven-degree incline on our levers and spouts; circles to emphasise areas of importance; and lozenge shapes which convey our philosophy of sensual minimalism.You won’t consciously notice these elements. You will simply absorb them and be drawn to them. They will invite interaction and guide the user experience to ensure years of enjoyment.

GROHE’s zeitgeist design team, led by Paul Flowers, has in recent years been awarded an impressive number of international best-of-the-best design awards. Expert juries agree with consumers time and time again – GROHE design offers an excellent balance of innovation, functionality, quality and aesthetics.

We are incredibly proud to have been awarded the world’s most prestigious design accolade, the Red Dot Design Team of the year 2011/12, in a first for the sanitary sector. Previous winners include inspiring brands - from Apple, Audi and Bose - to the most recent recipient, Porsche design is a fundamental pillar of the GROHE brand. This, together with our consumer centric approach and tireless commitment to quality, ensures our products function as beautifully as they look.


Design is entering into an ever-stronger symbiosis with technology. Digital elements are beginning to impact the bathroom in myriad ways.

Three signature design elements make up the visual DNA. This unique design language is a blueprint for realizing award-winning designs and enables consumers to instantly recognise a GROHE product – across all touch points in the bathroom:
GROHE SPA Ceramics


The square is the base geometry for much of the cosmopolitan architecture one finds in today’s progressive cities. This shape resonates a feeling of solidity and strength, which because of such traits is often referred to as a masculine form.
GROHE SPA Ceramics


A softer take on the hard corners of a rectangle, lozenge shapes visually interpret the GROHE Sensual Minimalism philosophy – humanising the core values of Minimalism and inviting interaction.
GROHE SPA Ceramics


Circles appear across several of our ranges and are used to highlight an area of purpose.