GROHE Complete Bathrooms

It‘s a very exciting time for all of us at GROHE. As you know, we have a passion for delivering water enjoyment and our committed to creating beautiful and innovative bathroom mixers, showers and sanitary systems that perform perfectly for a lifetime. Now, however, we are delighted to introduce something brand new - our GROHE Ceramics. We are confident you will love this beautiful family of products that allows us to offer you the complete GROHE bathroom experience!

With our complete bathroom solutions we can now guarantee the most enjoyable water experience from beginning to end. As a company with a strong German heritage our motto has never been stronger: GROHE - Pure Freude an Wasser.

The arrival of our beautiful new ceramics means we can now offer our customers full and beautifully co-ordinated bathroom solutions. We paired each ceramic range with a dedicated faucet collection to create four bathrooms: the GROHE Eurocosmo, the GROHE Eurocube, GROHE Eurostyle and the GROHE Eurosmart. Every element of each bathroom is in complete harmony.