Welcome to a new category of clean. GROHE Shower Toilet.

Softer on the skin, more soothing and more hygienic than wiping with paper – let the new GROHE Shower Toilets broaden your horizons about how good your daily cleansing routine can make you feel.

Intelligent Cleanliness Tailor Made For You.

Your bathroom and toilet should feel like the cleanest space in the house! we know that to feel totally clean you need to have confidence, that your GROHE Sensia® Arena is pristine and hygienic too. That’s why every design detail has been carefully considered to offer new levels of cleanliness at every stage. Special hygienic coatings and powerful flushing mean the toilet effectively cleans itself, while the self-cleaning, anti–bacterial spray arms give you total peace of mind when using the spray function.

What is ultimate clean? Wash or wipe?

When you think of cleaning what springs to mind? Surely not paper? It’s fresh, flowing water! The most natural cleaning agent there is, it’s kind to the skin and wonderfully effective. That’s why humans have used it for cleaning since the dawn of time. We wash our hands and bodies daily as
part of our hygiene routine – it’s refreshing, soothing and leaves us feeling good. We wouldn’t consider a quick rub down with a paper towel to do the same job – except when we use the toilet. In many cultures cleaning with water after visiting the toilet is just as natural as washing hands. And today, as our interest in hygiene and personal grooming grows, more and more people want to get that clean, refreshed and secure feeling after using the toilet. As a result shower toilets – toilets with an integrated bidet function –
are becoming increasingly popular. Now GROHE introduces its revolutionary shower toilet, the GROHE Sensia® Arena, providing gentle natural cleansing using just water.
Sensia Arena

Transform your most private ritual

The world is evolving continuously. Some cars drive with zero emissions, others can drive themselves thanks to scientific breakthroughs. Smartphones and apps become more and more integeral to our daily routine, using smart technology to monitor our physical wellbeing. GROHE
wants to take the next step in sanitary care, by enhancing your daily routine with intelligent care. A new and revolutionary product category that respects our evolved sense of body and self. The technology and design of the
GROHE Shower Toilets takes care of some of your most private moments, inviting you into a new dimension of wellbeing and cleanliness.

Enjoy a wealth of benefits that will fit you like a glove