GROHE Eurocosmo

Out of the ordinary: Take it easy for the whole day – just switch off your mind and let inspiration into your everyday life. Eurocosmo bathrooms were created for connoisseurs of pleasure, who love unique things and appreciate creative details. This collection is so special that it won us the red Dot Design award.
GROHE Bathroom Ceramic
GROHE now makes it easier than ever for you to find the perfect combination of washbasin and faucet. Only those combinations that pass the design match & technical test make it into GROHE PerfectMatch. So you can count on the GROHE PerfectMatch results one hundred per cent!

The purest pleasure

Eurocosmo returns vitality, dynamics and creativity to your bathroom and infuses it with a reviving lightness. Designer features in the range are reflected in the many small details in the fittings and ceramics to create a vision which will bring pure enjoyment each and every day.


Unlike other toilets, GROHE’s innovative triple vortex flush system creates a powerful vortex of water that swirls to cover and clean the whole of the bowl. Despite its power, this effective fl ush has low water consumption, with a dual fl ush option that uses just 5L of water and only 3L for a short flush. Instead of one or two water outlets, the Triple Vortex system flushes from three outlets creating an incredibly powerful flush that leaves nothing behind.

Complete GROHE Bathroom

At GROHE we are committed to designing beautiful and complementary collections of products and have created three bathrooms that have matching ceramics and faucets. We also know our customers have a unique and personal style of their own, however, and that is why our ceramic ranges have been designed to look perfect with a wide variety of our faucets. When it comes to designing a dream bathroom, the choice is yours!

With its blend of straigth and curved lines that form the signature GROHE lozenge shape, the GROHE Eurocosmo Bathroom perfectly complements the GROHE Eurodisc Joy collection.

GROHE Technology

GROHE Hygiene

GROHE Hygiene

GROHE ceramic surfaces stay sparkling clean and free of germs at all times.
GROHE PowerFlush

GROHE PowerFlush

With an innovative surface technology, bowl profile and water injection system, dual-flush GROHE WCs produce the perfect flush every time.