New in the Office:
GROHE Water Systems


Boiling water in an instant.

Is there always enough time to make tea or prepare a snack at work? If not, we have the optimum solution:
GROHE Red® provides boiling water with no waiting time.

• Boiling water!
• Immediately, when you need it!
• As much as is required!

The innovative water system creates more order in the office kitchen. GROHE Red® consists only of the attractive fitting and a boiler which can be easily installed under any normal sink.It simplifies life and speeds up the workflow. More hot drinks are consumed in the office than anywhere else. From now on, nobody needs to wait for the kettle to boil.
GROHE Red Faucet and combi-boiler (8 liter)

GROHE Red® Configurator

Find the GROHE Red® system that fits perfectly to your kitchen size and style - in very few simple steps.

GROHE Blue® and GROHE Red® rest easy with our 5 year guarantee.

You can always rely on the performance and quality of the innovative GROHE Blue® and GROHE Red® water systems. Which is why we provide a full 5 year guarantee – far in excess of the 2 year legal minimum.