Regatta - The Icon
Jakarta, Indonesien

Slutdatum 2010
Arkitekter: WS Atkins PLC
Interiördesigner: Wilson & Associates

Seafaring motifs define the design of the unusual architectural project

This unusual architecture project centres on a nautical theme. The building complex consists of ten apartment towers in the form of large sails and an exclusive luxury hotel in the shape of a lighthouse.

High quality sanitary technology can be found in the “Regatta – The Icon” residential towers. GROHE Sinfonia two-handle fittings add a touch of luxurious charm to the nostalgic bathroom, whilst Eurodisc single-lever mixers create contemporary design features with their seemingly aerodynamic appearance. A fresh design and easy operation are the hallmarks of the Minta single-lever mixer range in the kitchens.

GROHE produkter använda i det här projektet