Darmstadt, Tyskland

Slutdatum 2007
Arkitekter: Chalabiarchitects(CAP) | fs-architeken

The striking architecture is very eye-catching

The Science and Conference Centre is designed as an expressive sculpture. The futuristic architecture is continued inside the complex by using energy-saving and environmentally friendly materials and technologies. A central light well in the foyer not only supplies natural light to the lower floors, it also collects rainwater for re-use, while the air is pre-heated / pre-cooled in an earth duct and conditioned in ambient air units.

The washrooms are fitted with the particularly energy-efficient and water-saving GROHE Europlus E faucets. The innovative infra-red technology reliably dispenses water to the user when it is needed. It is also extremely hygienic and easy to maintain thanks to the touch-free operation.

GROHE produkter använda i det här projektet