Akasya Acibadem
Стамбул, Турция

Akasya Acibadem Стамбул, Турция
Дата сдачи объекта: 2013
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Архитекторы: Evrenol Architects

A modern infrastructure and interior contrast with the natural functional approach of the project

Adapted to the demands of urban living, this modern project is nestled in a majestic landscape. An innovative architectural concept combines living spaces with offices in a spectacular complex. The impressive natural landscaping aids relaxation – a design feature which focuses on natural life within the city. In keeping with this, the apartments are endowed with spectacular terrace gardens. As the soil is 40 cm deep, this allows natural germination and the growth of 2.5-metre tall trees, as well as natural vegetation.

The GROHE products in the bathrooms and kitchens which conserve resources underline the high functional value of the property. The Essence, Eurocube and Essential faucets also dazzle with their impressive design, whilst the Rainshower Icon shower fittings provide a relaxing shower experience.

Продукция GROHE, установленная на объекте: