Saalfelden, Austria

Completion date 2010
Arhitecți: Geisler & Trimmel, H. Heugenhauser

A completely unique world of well-being was created with natural colour pigments

The “Refugium” of the 4 star luxury hotel is one of the most beautiful and architecturally interesting wellness centres in Austria. A large, horizontally layered slate stone wall integrates the wellness area into the surrounding mountain range and encloses the “Refugium” as a work of art made from glass, metal, stone, wood, colour and light.

High-quality GROHE Allure faucets for wash basins, bathtubs and showers as well as GROHE Rainshower® shower fittings ensure the water experience at Krallerhof is natural, very sensual and relaxing.

Installed GROHE products in this project