Beauty Generates Love.
Enjoy Design


At GROHE, design is more than just aesthetic trappings. It is a quality feature and stands for the perfect synthesis of form and function.

The result is the joy you experience every time you use our products. And the joy we experience every time we receive an award for our uncompromising love of quality.
Design is a fundamental pillar of the GROHE strategy. We subscribe to a straightforward and customer-centric design philosophy, grounded in the belief that good design must transcend form and function to create an emotional bond with its users.

GROHE products and services should surprise and delight their users throughout their long service lives. Moreover, all points of interaction with our brand - from packaging to our website - are developed with great care and attention to detail, reflecting the passion and commitment which go into the creation of our products.

You’ll notice intuitively that, for all the diversity of our products, they speak a very clear design language. At every turn, you’ll encounter perfect halo shapes and lozenges. You’ll also sense that our fittings are very inviting - they make you want to use them. This is down to the 7° angle of several of our faucet levers and spouts. And that’s just one example of how good design is not just pretty but also at all times practical.

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