Forum :Terra Nova
Elsdorf, Germany

Completion date 2012
Arquitectos Lüderwaldt Architekten

On its west side, the building opens up to a planned future mine and so becomes an oversized panorama window that directs the eye to the dynamic landscape.

The open-pit mining information centre serves as a visitor centre and is located directly at the interface between the Braunkohle mine and a landscaped park, built on a former mining area. The building is a huge window to the mine and deals with the subject of topography. The façade made from layered, filled and coloured concrete is reminiscent of a cross-section through differently coloured layers of earth and seams of coal. Inside, the continuous floors strengthen the impression of flowing room transitions with a dark parquet floor on the first floor and a dark, smoothed screed floor at ground level.

Durable, easy to clean and, thanks to GROHE SilkMove® technology, easy to operate, GROHE Europlus faucets guarantee a high standard of hygiene in the public restrooms. At the special easy-access washbasins, the user-friendly, long and slip-proof handles of the GROHE Euroeco Special washbasin faucets facilitate optimum control of the flow of water.