GROHE Minta Touch

Love at first touch

A característica mais inovadora das torneiras GROHE Touch 'é algo que não pode sequer ver - mas após um toque apenas ficar convencido. Elas oferecem-lhe a capacidade de controlar o fluxo de água na sua cozinha com nada mais do que um toque do pulso, antebraço ou na parte traseira de sua mão, ideal para todos os cozinheiros ocupados e os seus ajudantes.

Sua torneira permanece limpa e livre de bactérias, não importa quantas vezes precisa ativá-la, ou o que está a cozinhar no momento. E porque a tecnologia GROHE está completamente escondida dentro da torneira, pode desfrutar da mesma qualidade de excelente design como em todas as nossas gamas de torneiras. Escolha a função Touch numa versão de água fria ou atualizar para incluir a água quente controlada por uma termostática. De uma ou outra maneira as torneiras GROHE Touch são tão seguras como são livres de problemas
Minta Monocomando de lava loiça

Zedra Touch

Elegant, functional and ergonomic, Zedra is the natural choice for today’s hardworking kitchen. And now it is available with even more ingenious technology with the introduction of the Zedra Touch.

Turn the water flow on and off with just a touch to the spout with your wrist or forearm. No more mucky finger prints to clean and no fear of cross contamination. The sleek design with a wide swivel spout remains unchanged, but the immaculate fi nish will stay cleaner, for longer. Choose your Touch function in a cold water-version or upgrade with an under-sink Grohtherm Micro thermostat for perfectly controlled warm water and no danger of scalding.

Minta Touch

Modern, timeless, beautiful. GROHE’s successful kitchen range Minta takes another step on with our latest innovation.

The GROHE Minta Touch comes with a small but distinctive difference: with its EasyTouch technology, it instantly reacts to the slightest touch, letting you turn it on and off without leaving a mark. There is no need to use the lever if your hands are dirty from cooking. Just tap with the wrist or forearm for perfect control every time.

This practical, hygienic technology is seamlessly integrated, meaning Minta retains the same gorgeous good looks as before. It’s available as a curved C-shaped swivel-spout with pull-out mousseur spray or the striking L-shaped swivel spout with pullout mousser - the choice is in your hands.

Cores do Produto

StarLight® Chrome


Clean and Hygienic

Your faucet stays clean when your hands are not:
Start the faucet with your forearm or wrist to avoid cross contamination and to keep your faucet clean.

Fusion of Design and Technology

Invisible technology meets outstanding design.

Just touch the spout or body to turn the faucet ON or OFF.
If your hands are clean, simply hold it. You can adjust flow and the temperature with the lever. GROHE Minta Touch – a hybrid faucet that intelligently unites two operating functions.

Modern, Timeless, Beautiful, Innovative.

GROHE Minta, the top-seller in the kitchen fittings market, takes the next step on the innovation ladder.

Choose your mixer from the curved C-shape, the striking L-shaped swivel tubular spout and pull-out mousseur, or the moveable pull-out sprayhead.

Safe for Childen

The EasyTouch function is great for providing cold water. A simple upgrade that adds our thermostatic mixing valve, Grohtherm Micro, adjusts the water temperature with no risk of scalding.

Easy Installation

Installation is surprisingly easy. Just follow the easy steps shown in the installation video and the Minta Touch will be ready to use in no time.

Tipp: To view full screen mode, start the video and click on the button left of volume control.

Prémios de Design

2014 red dot design award

red dot design award

best of the best - Minta Touch
2014 interior innovation award

interior innovation award

Minta Touch
2013 Good Design USA

Good Design USA

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GROHE SilkMove®

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GROHE StarLight®

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