GROHE Blue Home - The new convenience

What could be easier – and more convenient – than drawing your drinking water straight from the tap? That’s our idea of home delivery.

Make life simpler

Just think about the effort it takes to ensure a constant supply of bottled water at home. Queuing up to buy it, lugging the heavy crates and bottles home (how’s your back, by the way?). And then it’s time to take the empties back, before starting all over again.

Time is precious

Now you can save those precious minutes spent driving to supermarkets, looking for parking spaces and returning bottles. GROHE Blue Home means less frustration, more free time.

Get more space

Space: we’d all like to have more of it. And in the fridge it’s in especially short supply. Try squeezing enough water bottles in to keep the family going for a weekend. Thank goodness GROHE Blue Home delivers chilled water on demand.

GROHE Blue Home saves more than once

Saving the planet,
one glass at a time

Did you know, it takes an astonishing 7 litres of water just to produce a single litre of bottled water? Not to mention the CO2 emissions. When you choose GROHE Blue Home that means a huge reduction of 61% compared to bottled water.

The best packaging for water:
No packaging at all

It might seem obvious, but in a world that is slowly sinking in a sea of plastic, the issue of the practically indestructible plastic bottles is becoming more urgent than ever. GROHE Blue Home has the answer: unbottled water.

Save in the long run.
And in the short.

GROHE Blue Home is an investment in more ways than one. When you look at the costs of providing quality drinking water for your family and friends 365 days a year, you’ll see how quickly you start to save in comparison to bottled water.

Bring more health into your life

How much is enough? Experts recommend that we drink at least 2 litres a day. And yet with GROHE Blue Home it’s so easy and pleasurable to draw a glass of refreshing water that many people find themselves returning for more. And with the optional magnesium+ filter, you can add more of this important mineral in your diet. 2l of GROHE Blue Home contain as much magnesium as 4 apples.

Guarantee for good taste

If you enjoy tea and coffee, now you’ll love them even more. GROHE Blue Home still water brings out the best in your favourite hot drinks. And thanks to the purity of the filtered water, the aromas can develop to the full – for an unforgettable café crema.