New remote control

Smart equipment for data exchange

The new GROHE remote control is a prerequisite for data exchange with GROHE infrared products installed in washbasins, urinals and WCs. It is not only logical and easy to use, it comes equipped with extra functionality.

Consumption data can be customised using several settings. running times
as well as automatic cleaning and interval flushing are particularly easily
activated. thermal disinfection (with countdown function) is activated by
the push of a button as and when required.

this new data exchange technology connected to the new remote control
provides maintenance personnel with all necessary product and usage data
on the easy-to-read display, allowing for long-term operational efficiencies.
Maintenance has been simplified by the easy-to-use controls, and operational costs are easier to determine, and therefore can be reduced on the long term.

Main functions of the remote control

  • Auto flush cycles
  • Solenoid cylces
  • Thermoas disinfection cylcles
  • Total running time or number of flushes
  • Detection range
  • Shut off dely
  • Auto flush
  • Cleaning mode
  • Send and save profile
  • Battery status
  • Reset to factor or user settings
  • Hard and software version