Grohtherm 3000

Modern, minimalist design and award-winning technology.

Grohtherm 3000 Cosmopolitan thermostats combine modern, minimalist design with our award-winning thermostatic technology for relaxing shower enjoyment. Based on a simple aesthetic philosophy of extruding cylinders in perfect proportions to create balance and harmony, the pure design is enhanced by GROHE StarLight® chrome – a deep, luxurious finish, which resists soiling and tarnishing.

For a water-efficient bathroom, the EcoButton on the handle enables you to reduce your water consumption by 50%.
Grohtherm 3000 Cosmopolitan Thermostat shower mixer
Grohtherm 3000 Cosmopolitan Thermostatic shower mixer
Grohtherm 3000 Cosmopolitan Thermostat bath/shower mixer

Colour Choice


Product Range

showerbath tubmultiple and central fittings

Your comfort is our priority

GROHE TurboStat® responds rapidly to any fluctuations in pressure – maintaining your perfect water temperature, while GROHE CoolTouch® ensures the surface temperature of the thermostat never exceeds the temperature of the shower water – eliminating the risk of scalding from hot chrome surfaces.

Installation Type

The range of exposed and concealed models complements GROHE Cosmopolitan collections – enabling effortless design coordination in the bathroom.
GROHE TurboStat
Grohtherm 3000 Cosmopolitan Thermostat shower mixer

Product Colours

StarLight® Chrome

Moon White

Velvet Black

Design Awards

2009 iF Product Design Award

iF Product Design Award

Grohtherm 3000 Cosmopolitan Exposed Thermostats
2009 red dot design award

red dot design award

GROHE Technology

GROHE TurboStat®

GROHE TurboStat®

Always the right temperature, for utmost convenience and safety.
GROHE CoolTouch®

GROHE CoolTouch®

No scalding on hot surfaces thanks to 100% GROHE CoolTouch®.


Save precious resources and enjoy 100% water comfort.
GROHE StarLight®

GROHE StarLight®

Made-to-last surfaces ranging from precious matt to shiny like a diamond.