GROHE Rainshower® SmartControl

The simplicity of water enjoyment

XXL Enjoyment & 100% Control - that‘s how you want to shower. You want to enjoy your favourite spray pattern – revitalizing or relaxing, stimulating or soothing – and you want to switch patterns easily. You want your shower at exactly the right temperature – whether tension-busting hot, blood pumping cold or just comfortably warm. And of course you’re conscious of using exactly the right amount of water that you need.

With the new GROHE Rainshower® SmartControl 360 shower system you’ll enjoy this personalised and luxurious showering experience every day. The new innovative controls offer direct intuitive spray-pattern selection with a personalised volume setting and memory function. Simply push to start and stop then turn to adjust the water flow.
Rainshower SmartControl

Inspired by nature - intuitively controlled

Emotions guide actions. Let yourself drift away while maintaining control. Organic shapes that beautifully caress the senses will help you reach this goal. Enjoy the perfect interaction of organic design and innovative technology and anticipate a relaxed time-out from everyday life.
Rainshower SmartControl

100% Control
GROHE SmartControl

Start/Stop & Volume
The innovative GROHE SmartControl technology lets you choose your preferred spray pattern and adjust the water flow as desired.
Operation is simple and easy for all the family - including children.
That's Smart.


GROHE TurboStat® technology lies at the heart of this shower system.
The thermo-element's unrivalled sensitivity means it delivers water at the desired temperature within a fraction of a second - and keeps it consistant for the duration of your shower.

Installation Video

Discover how easy Rainshower System SmartControl is to fit

GROHE's latest innovation, SmartControl, promises intelligent, intuitive control for a luxurious shower experience. But it's not just easy for consumers to use, it's also been designed for swift, simple installation. We've created a step-by-step video explaining how to fit the Rainshower System SmartControl to make sure installation is hassle-free. View the full video.

XXL Enjoyment
GROHE Rainshower® 360 Headshower

Rainshower SmartControl
Ultimate enjoyment is guaranteed with the new XXL head shower. The lozenge shaped head shower measures 360mm in width and covers you entire body. And whether you prefer a refreshing tropical rainfall or a relaxing massage, your ideal spray is just a button-push away.
  • NEW! GROHE TrioMassage spray: the combination of the renowned GROHE Bokoma Spray and two GROHE Message sprays gives you a head and shoulder massage in one combined spray
  • GROHE PureRain/Rain O² spray as preset function
  • GROHE PureRain/Rain O² spray & improved SpeedClean nozzles
  • GROHE Starlight® Chromed Metal Spray Plate
  • GROHE EasyClean spray plate

Push, Turn, Shower - All in one

Rainshower SmartControl

Push the button to start the shower

Rainshower SmartControl

Turn to adjust the water volume gradually from Eco to Full Flow.

Rainshower SmartControl

Push again to stop or pause the shower. The volume is now preset when you restart.

Design Awards

2017 Green Good Design

Green Good Design

2016 Iconic Award

Iconic Award

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GROHE StarLight®

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