Eurodisc SE

Unique Versatility

With superior technology for advanced performance and simplified thermal disinfection for maximum hygiene, the Eurodisc SE self-closing faucets and thermostatic shower mixers offer safety and comfort for all users. Durable technology that withstands even frequent use is combined with intelligent technology in the Eurodisc SE. Object-specific programmes for thermal disinfection and hygiene flushing can be retrieved easily. The Eurodisc SE is very economical in daily operation, thanks to the economy stop function. The water flow can thus be stopped before the preset time has elapsed by repeated actuation of the knob.

  • Electronically supported thermal disinfection and running time setting
  • Automatic flushing after three days (of non-use)
  • Ideal for the health sector, sports facilities, swimming pools etc.
  • Faucets group I (DIN 4109)
  • Economy stop function (manual stop before the end of the set running time)
  • Vandalism-protected devices

Metal handle accessory
with ‘loose key and shield’

Adjust end stop to desired

Rotation lock

Battery change
(pulsating water jet)

Technical features

  • Recommended flow pressure one to five bar (minimum: 0.5 bar)
  • Flow rate of wash basin faucets 5.7 l/min
  • Temperature selection handle with safety stop between 35 °C and 45 °C (THM only)
  • Hot water stop-valve
  • Faucets group I (DIN 4109)
  • Simplified thermal disinfection (3.5 or 11 minutes)
  • Automatic flushing for five minutes in three-day intervals in the event of non-use
  • Running time: two to 60 seconds (default 15 seconds)
  • Individual settings without any tools by means of tip codes
  • Safety shut-off after 60
  • Battery service life of up to ten years (150 cycles per day)
  • Pulsating water jet indicates battery change required
  • Lithium battery 6V
  • High IP protection class: IP 59K certification
  • Vandalism-protected rotation and mousseur lock
  • Metal handle with loose key and shield optional

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