Sanitary Systems

Smart use of space is key to modern bathroom planning. The new bathroom should be designed around a full set of water-saving fittings which emphasise its sustainable character and long-term functionality. Be sure to add some sophisticated illumination to create a pleasant atmosphere.

Make use of the water-saving WC and urinal fittings plus clever installation systems for optimum design and fast, clean installation.
Whatever your preferred interior style, GROHE flush plates are an integral element of a coordinated bathroom – allowing you to create a cohesive design story. Available in GROHE StarLight® chrome, our discrete plates complement our faucet collection and can be fixed vertically or horizontally.

You can define the flushing volume, choose from dual flush, start/stop or single flush. For further water saving, all GROHE cisterns can be adjusted to flush with a reduced volume.


GROHE Fresh brings a new level of convenience to the bathroom. It allows you to have the best of both worlds – the clean lines achieved from choosing a concealed cistern and the continuous hygiene and cleanliness associated with cistern blocks.
Others GROHE Fresh retro-fit set
1. Open actuation of the cistern
Others GROHE Fresh retro-fit set
2. Choose any odour block
Others GROHE Fresh retro-fit set
3. Slide in the cleaning tab
Others GROHE Fresh retro-fit set
4. sluit de plaat en spoel door!

GROHE Solido


Noise protecting
• Noise separation of fittings and fixing devices according to DIN 4109

Technically mature
• Powder-coated surface
• DN 80 outlet bend with reducer DN 80/100
• Load capacity 400 kg for WC, 150 kg for wash basin

Highly flexible
• 200 mm height adjustment
• For 50/75 mm deep C profiles and element rails, element installation without fixing on the floor


• Shaft for the installation of pipes at the back, water inlet from the left/right or back
• ½” water inlet can be installed without tools with angle stop valve, replaceable spindle
• Tool-free latching of inspection shaft, frame for actuation plate is mounted with two screws only, for vertical or horizontal use

• Pneumatic discharge valve with only one hose connection offering 3 modes of operation: Dual flush, Start & stop, Single flush
Individual and fast:
On-the-wall installation, in or in front of brickwork or in front of studded wall partitions.