Before a drip becomes a flood.
Detect to take care with GROHE Sense

The GROHE Sense system monitors humidity, detects water leaks, instantly alerts you and shuts off water automatically.

Enjoy intelligent & complete water security for your home – 24 / 7.

Sometimes water is a source of problems.

A leak, a blocked sink, a burst pipe and suddenly you are confronted with a ruined home and ruinous costs that can run into the thousands. Not to mention the stress and hassle of dealing with water damage

You might think it cannot happen to you?

But the fact is that every 2nd home has experienced water damage at least once.

Water damage has many facets ...


Leaks can occur anywhere in the home - and at anytime

When water damage occurs, half the time the walls are also affected and mould the result.

65% of water damage is due to burst or leaking pipes.

Small leaks that go on for months or even years unnoticed, can cause extensive damage.

Water damage is the nr. 1 problem within the home!

54% of households have experienced mains-related water damage in their homes.1
65% of all cases are related to pipes.2
Water damage could have been prevented in 93% of cases.3
In Europe, the average cost of repairing water damage is €2,297*. 28% of those who are insured are not even reimbursed at all. And those who are only get 61% of the total cost reimbursed.4
In 2015 in Germany alone, there were 1.1 million cases of reported water damage to private homes.5
After just 24 hours mould can start to build up due to humidity: causing respiratory problems, asthma and allergies.6
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Introducing GROHE Sense and GROHE Guard:
The water security system that takes care of your home

The smart water sensor

GROHE Sense detects the presence of water, tracks temperature and humidity and alerts you immediately before it leads to something worse.
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GROHE Sense Guard
The smart water controller

From detecting micro leaks to detecting a burst pipe and shutting off the water supply automatically: with GROHE Sense Guard you can finally take full control over your water supply.
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The GROHE Ondus APP for complete water control of your home

GROHE ONDUS is the app that forms the centrepiece of all connected GROHE products – like the GROHE Sense system. It offers instant feedback of the situation in your house – from anywhere – anytime. GROHE ONDUS lets you monitor and control GROHE Sense and GROHE Sense Guard.
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Complete water security for your home - 24 / 7

GROHE Sense is an easily installed, Wireless LAN-connected, water-detection system for your entire house. Install in the cellar, the laundry room, bathroom or in the kitchen – detects leaks early and gives you a real chance to react fast.

GROHE Sense Guard takes care of your home.

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