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Configure your GROHE Red® watersystem in a few simple steps.

Boiling hot water. In the past you would have needed a pot or kettle, now it comes directly from the faucet. The innovative GROHE Red® boiler system keeps three or six litres of boiling water (depending on the boiler version) ready for immediate use at all times.

GROHE Blue® Configurator

Configure your GROHE Blue® water system in a few simple steps.

Every day, we all benefit from and enjoy the luxury of drinking water straight from the faucet. Most of us are happy using it for cooking and making cups of tea and coffee, but when it comes to drinking a glass of water, we are often put off by the taste and reach for a bottle of mineral water. Hardly convenient and not exactly sustainable either. Invest in a GROHE Blue® water system and you’ll have instant access to a constant supply of freshly-filtered, great-tasting water.

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Taupykite pinigus su GROHE Blue®

Puikaus skonio GROHE Blue® kainuoja tik penktadalį aukščiausios kokybės mineralinio vandens kainos. Jūs sumažinsite energijos suvartojimą ir išvengsite didžiulio kiekio plastiko atliekų!

Suskaičiuokite tuojau pat, kiek pinigų galite sutaupyti su GROHE Blue®!

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GROHE Blue® Calculator

3D Bath Configurator

Your personal 3D experience.
Try the GROHE SPA® Explorer to visualise your dream bathroom in 3D.

Patirtis su GROHE F-digital

Kai elementarūs veiksmai atliekami pasitelkiant naujausias bevieles technologijas, tiek skaitmeninis valdiklis, tiek ir skaitmeninis divertorius gali būti tvirtinami bet kurioje Jums patogioje vietoje: ant sienos, ant vonios ar praustuvo krašto, netgi ant dušo sienelės stiklo.