GROHE F-digital Deluxe - Sophisticated Showering for all the Senses

GROHE F-digital Deluxe
Sophisticated Showering for all the Senses

Architectural freedom to design a unique shower experience

GROHE SPA® introduces the F-digital Deluxe, a super-slim and intuitive ambient controller that orchestrates our new collection of products designed to stimulate the senses. By touching the “dry zone” controller you can now choose your own combination of lighting, sound and steam – three vital elements that have a positive effect on our physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing. GROHE’s vision of transforming the bathroom from a rational space for cleaning and grooming into an inspiring and emotional Home SPA is now a reality.

F-digital Deluxe - A consumer centric collection that will transform your bathroom into a Home SPA

GROHE SPA® Showers F-digital Deluxe
  • Intuitive touch interface
    to steer sound, light & steam
  • Sound - Audio-therapy
    Listen to your favorite songs in full stereo
  • Light - Chromo-therapy
    Benefit from the positive effects of light; choose intensity and color
  • Steam - Steam-therapy
    The relaxing and detoxification effect of a hot steam shower
  • F Based Design
    Flat and Flexible design system based on 5” squares.
  • Full Flexibility
    Combine with Grohtherm F metal architectural water controls and match with the GROHE Allure faucet range

F-digital Deluxe Range Overview

F-digital Deluxe Ambient Controller
Docking Station for Apple iPod Touch 4G
GROHE F-digital App to control sound, light and steam.
F-digital Deluxe Sound Module
Sound Module
F-digital Deluxe Light Module
Light Module
F-digital Deluxe Steam Module
Steam Module

Perfect match with Grohtherm F, Allure and Rainshower F-Series