Never wait for the kettle to boil again. With the innovative GROHE Red system you can fill anything, from a mug to a large pot, with kettle hot water in an instant and all direct from your kitchen faucet. With GROHE Red you still have your standard kitchen mixer, but separate push buttons provide kettle hot water on tap.

A single simple solution

Taste the difference

Use GROHE Red in combination with a GROHE Blue filter and get fresh just filtered water served kettle hot. Enjoy your tea and coffee with a great clean taste. The boiler where the water is heated is made of titanium, which does not impart any metallic taste to the water. It is also highly resistant to corrosion and limescale build up, meaning a consistently great taste over the lifetime of the faucet.

Declutter your kitchen

What busy kitchen doesn't need more worktop space. With GROHE Red you can clear the clutter of your kettle from the worktop and get both hot and cold mixed water plus kettle hot water, all from the same faucet. The system's compact boiler is designed to fit discreetly below the sink, learing you more counter space and a cleaner, clearer looking kitchen.

Save precious time

Never wait for a pot of boiling water or a much needed cup of tea again. We all lead busy lives, and time spent waiting for water to boil all adds to the time spent on chores rather than relaxing. Whether it's cooking pasta, blanching vegetables or preparing a baby's bottle, GROHE Red cuts out the waiting time with kettle-hot water ready for you, the instant that you want it.

Kettle-hot water on tap

How many times a day do you fill and boil the kettle. From the first cup of tea in the morning to a late night pasta dinner, we boil up water countless times, often heating far more than we need. With GROHE Red you have water heated to 100C ready when you want it. It's convenient and saves water and time.


Cooking, cleaning, sterilising... not to mention those refreshing cups of tea and coffee. There are so many things we use kettle-hot water for every day of our lives, why wouldn't we want it to be as quick, easy and economic as possible. The GROHE Red system lets you enjoy the convenience of kettle-hot water instantly, without the clutter of a kettle and with many additional benefits too. Enjoy a cleaner taste that is more economical than a kettle and wastes less energy too, all on tap, any time. GROHE Red lets you streamline your kitchen, with three great designs to choose from and the convenience of having all your kitchen water demands met in one sleek faucet.

GROHE Red Boiler

GROHE Red boilers* are cost and energy efficient - their improved design and insulation mean they achieve an A rating for their efficiency.

Going on holiday? Then simply switch the boiler to holiday mode, making sure any water is only heated to 100°C for further energy savings.

What is more, the titanium used to make the water tank means an incredible durable boiler that won't corrode.

GROHE Technology



Integrated safety mechanism prevents unintentional opening by young children.
Titanium Inside

Titanium Inside

All boilers in our GROHE Red® collection are made from titanium.