GROHE Sensia® IGS Shower Toilet

Experience comfort and hygiene in the purest sense.

The new generation of shower toilet will make your bathroom your
favourite place to be. It creates a relaxing haven for people who
love comfort. Let its beautifully formed elegance get, quite literally,
under your skin. Its clear lines, extraordinary design and premium
materials will create your own personal bathroom experience.
Its external form is in keeping with its own perfected merits,
which are entirely intuitive. Allow yourself to be amazed by how
pleasant bodily hygiene can be – the mundane rituals of the toilet
experience are fi nally a thing of the past.


Experience comfort and hygiene in the purest sense. You feel what you can already see – GROHE quality that you can perceive with all of your senses: whether it‘s the seat cover unit made of premium Duroplast, the all-ceramic body of the toilet or the controller made of metal – the use of top-quality materials throughout leaves you safe in the knowledge that all the surfaces are clean and you are invited to linger comfortably for a while.
The all-ceramic body of the toilet
The seat and lid made of Duroplast
The controller made of real metal


Experience how intuitively it adapts to your needs. This is because the new generation of shower toilet seems almost to function automatically thanks to its remarkable ease of use. The remote control touchscreen, or the use of the unique controller, make designing your personal cleansing program extraordinarily easy. As soon as you have selected the water temperature, jet strength and cleansing mode, GROHE Sensia® IGS saves your personal profile. You can also, of course, adjust your cleaning settings at any time.

  • An innovative controller with a rotation and pressure function
  • Remote control using the touchscreen
  • LED display with subtle night-lighting
  • 4 individually adjustable user profiles
  • Integrated odour extraction
  • Automatic user recognition upon sitting
  • Seat and lid with soft closing
  • Service flap for straightforward maintenance


Relax, take your seat and begin your own programme of pampering
– whether you‘re a lady or a gentleman. GROHE Sensia® IGS supplies fresh air when you sit down, and offers a pleasant cleansing experience from the outset. In doing so, it bundles together the gentle and refreshing features of the water to create an extremely benefi cial washing ceremony. Enjoy the call of nature in its purest form, individual and welltempered.

  • The temperature, strength and position of the cleansing jet have 7 different settings
  • Power cleanse for extra pressure
  • 30-second warm water cleanse
  • Separate lady cleanse
  • Massage cleanse
  • Oscillating flow

GROHE Technology

GROHE DreamSpray®

GROHE DreamSpray®

Innovative quality showers for luxurious revitalisation and wellbeing.
GROHE Digital®

GROHE Digital®

Intuitive digital technology at your fingertips.


Save precious resources and enjoy 100% water comfort.

Design Awards

2013 iF Product Design Award

iF Product Design Award

2012 red dot design award

red dot design award