GROHE Power Box

The genuine energy saver for sanitary rooms

Electronic fittings capable of operating by producing their own electricity: An economically and ecologically progressive idea that has
now become reality with the GROHE power box. Infrared controlled fittings, for example in airports, public sanitary rooms or leisure
facilities, can now operate autonomously, without depending on power supplies. The power box combines optimum hygiene via
touch-free controls with minimum energy consumption for electronics.
This is how it works: A turbine in the power box is driven by the water supply each time the fitting is operated. This converts kinetic
energy into electrical energy and stores it to operate the infrared electronics. Using the generator for as little as 60 seconds delivers
enough electricity to power the fitting for 24 hours.

  • New standards regarding sustainability and protection of resources through energy conservation
  • High efficiency and autonomy: especially in sanitary rooms where establishing a power supply is difficult or rather prone to disruptions
  • Exceptional ease of servicing the power box with a service life of 10 years: a reduction in maintenance and lower operating costs
  • Perfect support for demand driven and hygienically recommended water delivery with touch-free controls
  • Unique storage technology: Efficient energy storage

Product Range

New functionality in three designs

The power box can be combined with three different wash basin fittings: Europlus E and Eurosmart Cosmopolitan E models with integrated temperature-mixing can be powered via the power box. The Euroeco Cosmopolitan E for cold or premixed water can additionally be fitted with a Grohtherm Micro for thermostatic safety.

Technical Features:

  • Flow pressure min. 0.5 bar/ recommended 1.5 bar 
  • DIN 4109 
  • Flow rate 5.7 l/min.; pressure-independent 
  • Cleaning stop function via the fitting’s ir sensor
  • Independent power supply for infrared wash basin fittings in rooms with heavy traffic - no battery or power connection required
  • Generates its own power from the water flow for operating the electronics
  • Integrated storage unit for initial release and activation after a longer period of inactivity
  • A 60 second water flow is sufficient for 24 operating hours, a 260 second water flow is sufficient for 100 operating hours
  • Protection class: IP 44 Simple installation with flexible hose connectors for the water supply
  • Can be combined with Grohtherm Micro

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Save precious resources and enjoy 100% water comfort.
GROHE StarLight®

GROHE StarLight®

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