Special Single - Lever Mixers

Ergonomics Combined with Hygiene

Hygiene and ergonomics are essential considerations for health-sector washing areas and go hand-in-hand. Elongated and ergonomically shaped levers not only enhance convenience of operation, but also make it easer for medical and nursing staff to wash their hands and keep them clean. These faucets can easily be controlled with the underarm or elbow, meaning your hands don’t have to come into contact with the faucet again after you have washed them.

Advanced technologies, such as GROHE SilkMove®, also make a major contribution to user safety. The extremely robust, durable cutting-edge technology in the GROHE cartridges ensures ease of movement and low wear. Proven many millions of times over the world, it‘s at the heart of all GROHE single-lever mixers.

Many other developments, such as SwivelStop, ErgoTouch and individually adjustable temperature limiters, also improve handling and safety. The lever and spout lengths of GROHE special faucets can also be adapted to suit one another and to the wash basin dimensions – to ensure easy, safe operation.
  • Extensive range for a wide variety of applications, with strict hygiene requirements, particularly in the health sector and in care facilities
  • GROHE SilkMove®: Gentle ease of movement ensures maximum
    convenience of operation
  • GROHE StarLight®: Highly resistant surface finishes
  • GROHE EcoJoy™: Economical and resource-saving
  • Ergonomically shaped levers available in different lengths; adapted to spouts
  • Swivel spouts available in different lengths; the water jet has no contact with the waste water outlet, so germs aren’t washed up
  • Easy-to-clean mixer body design


GROHE Technology

GROHE SilkMove®

GROHE SilkMove®

Smoothest handling for effortless precision and ultimate comfort for a lifetime.
GROHE StarLight®

GROHE StarLight®

Made-to-last surfaces ranging from precious matt to shiny like a diamond.