The most precious resource in the safest hands

Water is not only the world’s most precious resource, but also the basis of all living things. GROHE and BWT, Europe‘s leading water professionals, represent safety, hygiene and the highest quality standards. We have combined the expertise of our two companies to deliver a completely new water experience.

Tap water is now transformed into pure refreshment, using the innovative GROHE Blue® product range. GROHE Blue® filters the water with technology supplied by BWT and then cools it down to the ideal temperature for you to enjoy, providing still water with fine bubbles or effervescent, sparkling water straight from the tap.
BWT’s global innovation offers all water gourmets a refreshing tasting water, filtered by BWT’s unique, patented Mg2+ technology and enriched with magnesium. Just perfect for your everyday drinking indulgence.

How the filter works

  • Ikke-vævet forfilter
    Removes large particles.
  • Ion bytter
    Reducerer indholdet af kalk , filtrerer tungmetaller fra vandet og reducerer hårdheden.
  • Aktivt kulfilter
    Fjerner stoffer, der kan give dårlig lugt og smag , så som klor og organiske forbindelser.
  • Fint partikelfilter
    Opfanger alle partikler der er større end 10 μm.