Replace your Shower System 

A new shower and new faucets are often all that is required to transform a tired bathroom into a high-performance environment.

Until recently, replacing a shower meant re-tiling the bathroom too. Choose a GROHE shower system and you can reap the rewards of a technically-advanced bathroom and water-efficient shower without expense and inconvenience of a complete bathroom renovation project.

Shower Systems

Available in a choice of designs, GROHE shower systems are easy to install and feature a head shower and a hand shower. The Euphoria and Rainshower® systems include a number of different models (with or without a shower thermostat) making it possible to find one to replace your current set-up and match your plumbing arrangement.

Simple installation
GROHE shower systems enable you to replace your existing shower without having to re-tile the bathroom – saving you money and unnecessary upheaval.

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