Your favorite design in the right size.

Since years, GROHE offered a wide range of taps & mixers in different designs.
Now GROHE offers an additional comfortable advantage : choice of sizes.
Our choice of sizes has never been greater, offering faucet heights from XS to XL in our most popular ranges.
GROHE puts the luxury of choice in your hands.

Choose your favorite design...

Sleek, smooth and cylindrical? The sharp, dynamic lines of a cube? A tactile faucet that’s a delight to touch? Whatever look is the perfect fit for your bathroom, GROHE can offer you an unrivalled choice of size.
Creating a complete scheme has never been easier.
L-Size: A large tap with a high spout is a practical & safe choice.

Pick the right size...

Once you have chosen the design of the GROHE washbasin mixer, you can adapt the size to your and your family‘s needs.
Whether you need a pillar tap or a faucet where you offer additional comfort so your kids can wash their hands more easily - the right product is available with the right comfort.
S-Size: The comfortable choice for standard comfort at the washbasin.
M-Size: Add extra comfort with a higher medium height faucet.
XL-Size: An extra-large faucet is ideal for stylish vessel basins