Instant Boiling Water - 
Straight from your Faucet 

With GROHE Red® there's no more waiting around for the kettle or a pan of water to boil before making yourself a cup of tea or cooking pasta or vegetables - simply pull and twist the faucet handle for instant boiling water.

Two versions of Boiling Water Faucet

GROHE Red Duo egykaros mosogató csaptelep
GROHE Red boiling water faucet
The GROHE Red® system offers two styles of designer kitchen faucet - enabling you to choose the style and features best suited to your requirements.
  • The Duo faucet has all the features you would expect from a regular kitchen faucet. The lever handle on the right supplies the mixed hot and cold water. On the left side, a pull-and-turn handle delivers the boiling water.
  • The smaller Mono faucet supplies only boiling water. For the ultimate kitchen water system, combine the GROHE Red® Mono faucet with a GROHE Blue® water filter faucet.
Two versions of under-sink boiler
In addition to the two styles of kitchen faucet, the system offers a choice of two boiler sizes, ensuring you have enough instant boiling water to meet the requirements of your household.
  • 8-liter boiler – perfect for larger families or kitchens without a hot water supply
  • 4-liter boiler – for smaller households

Safety Features

Naturally, safety was our primary concern when designing our boiling water faucets. Both designs feature a pull-and-turn handle, which has been independently certified, while the faucet body and spout feature GROHE CoolTouch® technology – creating a barrier between the boiling water and the outer surface of the faucet.
GROHE Red Duo egykaros mosogató csaptelep
Pull-and-twist action prevents accidental opening of the faucet.
Under-sink boiler.
GROHE Red Duo egykaros mosogató csaptelep
GROHE CoolTouch®