GROHE Ondus®
Digitecture Light

An ambient wash of colored light.

Uniting water-saving dual flush actuation with inspired new lighting effects,
GROHE Ondus® Digitecture Light gives an ambient wash of colored light to the bathroom. Made from safety glass, the 200 mm square plates are available in black or white and feature the latest LED technology.

Illumination is set using either the built-in timer function, or by the ‘on/off’ switch and can be fixed at a single color or left to cycle through an ever-changing light display. But it’s not just about decoration. The LED gives off just the right amount of light that should you need to use the toilet in the middle of the night you don’t have to turn on the main bathroom light; so there’s less chance of disturbing your body clock and natural sleep patterns.

In addition to traditional push-button actuation, the plate also features a proximity sensor for touch-free flushing – simply pass your hand in front
of the either the large or small button and the toilet will flush automatically.
GROHE Ondus® Digitecture Light nyomólap

Termék Színek

StarLight® Chrome

Moon White

Velvet Black

Frosted Titanium

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A beépített vízmegtakarítási technológia csökkenti a víz és energiafogyasztást.
GROHE StarLight®

GROHE StarLight®

Ragyogó krómfelület, mely ellenáll a szennyezettségnek és elhomályosodásnak, így megőrizve a csaptelep eredeti kinézetét.