GROHE Online Warranty Registration

Customer Information客户資料

District 地區 *
If you choose “Others” in the District field, please specify the district
若在地區欄選擇 “其他”,請列明地區名稱
“Acknowledge receipt of your warranty registration will be sent to this email account”

"Please send me GROHE E-Newsletter for the latest sales promotion and new product updates."
"發送載有最新優惠推廣及新產品介紹的 GROHE電子通訊給我。"

Product Information 產品註冊

Retail Shop 銷售店舖 *
If you choose “Others” in the Retail Shop field, please specify the retail shop
若在銷售店舖欄選擇 “其他”,請列明銷售店舖名稱

Product Number is in 8 digits. 產品編號是8位數字.
If the product number is in 5 digits, please add “000” at the last. e.g. For the product number ‘26341’, the product number should be ‘26341000’. 如果產品編號只有5位數字, 請在產品編號後加 ‘000’. e.g. 如產品編號是‘26341’, 請填上產品編號‘26341000’.