The smart water sensor

GROHE Sense is your diligent water sensor that never sleeps. It responds to the presence of water where it shouldn’t be.
Detects flooding

Receive instant alerts of flooding so you can react fast.
Detects frost risk

Detects if room temperature falls below 3°C – a potential frost risk – and instantly alerts you.
Senses humidity

Be informed about harmful humidity and save your house and property from its consequences.

GROHE Sense is on the job looking out for flooding or leakages

The moment that water comes into contact with the device, it emits a beeping sound and a pulsating red light.

Be alerted anytime, everywhere

GROHE Sense instantly sends you a notification via the GROHE ONDUS app in case of a detected water leak. So that you can get there in time to stop the leak becoming a flood.

Once you can see it, it's too late

Humidity and damp provide the ideal conditions for mould to grow. GROHE Sense alerts you when too high levels of humidity exist for a length of time – allowing you to act before mould rears its ugly head.

Too much is too bad, too little as well

But your health can also suffer when humidity levels are too low: irritated sinuses, itchy eyes and dry skin and an increased risk of colds can result. GROHE Sense alerts you when the humidity drops below your pre-set humidity level.

Avoid a frosty welcome

The danger of frost occurring is greater in rooms that are not often checked – like the cellar – or weekend homes that may stand empty much of the time. GROHE Sense alerts you when the room temperature falls below 3°C, so you have time to react.

Install GROHE Sense yourself

With GROHE Sense you can detect water and protect your home from water damage in just 10 minutes.

Place GROHE Sense in your home wherever you see a risk

Next to the washing machine is the perfect place for GROHE Sense to detect leaks.
In the bathroom humidity can be a problem if you do not ventilate in time – GROHE Sense sends you a signal.
Place GROHE Sense in the cellar to track humidity and prevent condensation and to monitor temperature to identify frost risk.
To watch out for leaks under the kitchen sink or the washbasin.

No hiding place for water for every situation, the right GROHE Sense

The minimalist solution for any location

For frequently visited rooms and places with easy access, the premium design lets GROHE Sense blend beautifully with all surroundings.

For difficult to reach locations – GROHE Sense combined with the extension set

Some places are harder to monitor than others. For especially tight corners and narrow spaces such as under your washing machine or below the bath, the GROHE Sense Extension Set is the answer.

Ideal for holiday homes or the cellar

For especially critical locations that are infrequently visited and where constant monitoring is desirable, the best choice is GROHE Sense+, the mains powered sensor. It allows for daily updates on humidity and temperature and for the current status to be remotely checked.

Sit back and relax: GROHE Sense is on the job

Enjoy your time off and still be connected to your home. In case of a water leak, GROHE Sense alerts you via the Ondus app and gives you the chance to take action.

Water makes GROHE Sense see red

Detects flooding

And instantly alerts you.

Receive situation dependent alerts via pulsating red light, beeping sound, push notification or email.

The self-learning algorithm ensures that all alerts and actions are perfectly adapted to match your household consumption.
Senses Temperature

Get a daily update of room temperature on the hour, set thresholds and get warned instantly if critical.*
Senses Humidity

Get a daily update of room humidity on the hour, set thresholds and get warned if humidity is critical for more then 3 hours.

Durable battery power usage for up to 4 years.

Protected against spraying water.

One App to access and manage all GROHE connceted products from your mobile device.
* please do not use GROHE Sense as a fire alarm, as GROHE Sense measures temperature just once an every hour

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