Turn your back on old habits:
The GROHE Sensia® Arena shower toilet

GROHE Sensia Arena stands for Intelligent Care. Behind it are visionary ideas from GROHE, the most modern technology available and the unparalleled ability to combine it all. Enjoy innovative functions that are tailored to your personal needs.
More comfortable, hygienic and soothing than using paper, with the GROHE Sensia Arena you can experience a new standard of personal hygiene.

What is a Shower Toilet exactly?

Perfect Skin Care

- Constant warm water
- Gentle on your skin
- Kind to the most delicate areas

Ultimate Hygiene

- Long-lasting germ-resistant coating
- Self-cleaning spray arms
- Clean and dry without wiping

Personal Comfort

- Smartphone app for simple operation
- Automatic seat open & close
- Personalised user settings

Grohe Sensia® Arena Features

Enjoy the feeling of lightness and wellbeing that a personalised cleaning routine can bring you.
The GROHE Sensia® Arena impresses with innovative functions, such as Skinclean and Hygieneclean, that make it the cleanest toilet in the world.
Discover the difference it can make to your day

Watch our video and get inspired by the new Sensia® Arena Shower Toilet

"For me the idea of a shower toilet was quite new. But then my sister
got a GROHE Sensia® Arena for her bathroom. I tried it out and it was clear: I had to have one. I just loved that freshly showered feeling."

Julia W.

Why choose a shower toilet?
It’s the ultimate in hygiene, gentle to your skin and makes personal care simple and comfortable.
What is a shower toilet exactly?

"I knew I wanted a shower toilet: the question was, which one? The more I looked around, the clearer it was to me that the GROHE Sensia® Arena was the best choice – for function, quality and design."

Peter G.

The GROHE Sensia® Arena is the most advanced shower toilet created by Grohe,experts in combining design and innovation and Lixil, Japanese pioneers in shower-toilet technology.
What makes the GROHE Sensia® Arena the better choice?

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