Compact solution for walling-in

Uniset is a studded-wall installation system for walling-in, which is characterised by an enclosed housing. Installation with Uniset saves time and space. Uniset thus lets you plan and implement interesting floor-plan solutions with optimum space distribution.

Perfect for flexible room design, ideal for rapid and simple installation

  • Simple walling-in instead of difficult lining with masonry
  • Can be used for all sanitary objects and installation heights
  • Installation on a rail or free-standing installation
  • Fully preassembled elements
  • Universal platform – suitable for all WC actuation plates (over 130 options to choose from)
  • Certified load-bearing capacity: 400 kg on the WC; 150 kg on the wash basin
  • One waste valve for all cisterns and all flushing functions: single flush, dual flush, start/stop

Τεχνολογίες GROHE

GROHE Whisper®

GROHE Whisper®

Λειτουργία χαμηλού θορύβου κάτω από 20dB.


Εξοικονόμηση πολύτιμων πόρων και 100% απόλαυση νερού.
GROHE QuickFix®

GROHE QuickFix®

Faster, easier and hassle-free, GROHE QuickFix® cuts installation time by up to 40%.