GROHE temperature sensor for urinals

The GROHE temperature sensor is designed for urinals in public sanitary facilities and ensures maximum security against vandalism combined with utmost reliability. In contrast to manual urinal flushes or non-contact infrared controlled solutions, there is no room for manipulation of the mechanism or the temperature sensor as the entire technology is concealed inside the ceramic. The temperature sensor itself does not come into direct contact with urine, keeping maintenance to a minimum.

The sensor can either be operated by a 6 V battery (for renovation or 230 V free situations) or (over an included transformer) with a 230 V, so it is ideal for both new constructions and renovation projects. There is also the option of a 230 V variant with a Bluetooth sender/receiver module that sends the usage data and settings over an app to smart devices (Smartphone, PC tablets, etc.).

Standard settings such as auto-flush (off, 24h or 72h), flush volume and a cleaning mode are also adjustable via magnet inside the unit. Compared with well known radar electronics the GROHE temperature sensor solution is approximately 25% lower in price.

Technical features

  • DVGW-approved
  • Power supply 6 V (39 368 000) or 230 V (39 367 000 / 39 369 000)
  • Power consumption < 1W
  • High IP protection class: IP 54 certification
  • Flush volume 1-7L, 2L factory setting

  • Protection against overflow and low volume in urinal
  • Automatic flush (off, 24 or 72 hours)
  • Adjustable response time after detection
  • Cleaning mode
  • Easy installation, setting and monitoring; optional Bluetooth connection
  • Can be used also for stainless steel urinals

Technologies GROHE

GROHE StarLight®

GROHE StarLight®

Un chrome éclatant comme un miroir qui résiste durablement aux chocs et à la corrosion.


Économie d'eau jusqu'à 50% tout en préservant confort et plaisir.

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