Technopole Bouygues Telecom
Meudon, France

Technopole Bouygues Telecom Meudon, France
Valokuva Technopole Bouygues Telecom
Valmistusmisvuosi 2009
Arkkitehti: Valode & Pistre architectes

The curved ascending silhouettes create a natural relief.

The building complex forms a double “V”, its peaks reaching to the edge of the Meudon forest, creating a strong connection to the woodland environment. The façade is designed to face the sky in all directions. To the north, the open glass fronts allow panoramic views into the forest and, to the south, a shade-giving construction characterises the appearance of the building.

The washbasins in the restrooms have impressive high-quality GROHE Essence faucets that are durable and ergonomically operated.

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