The GROHE TV commercial – "Imagine"

Imagine innovative products so special they leave you amazed and filled with wonder. Fixtures that look like architectural masterpieces. Showers with colours and designs that perfectly match your personal taste. Kitchen faucets that flow with fresh water, sparkling water or boiling water.

Everyone who watches “Imagine” will be fascinated by GROHE’s truly innovative and unique designs.

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GROHE Allure Brilliant

Turn your bathroom into a luxurious home spa.

Inspiring angles, gleaming facets and exceptional detail…
Allure Brilliant is a shining example of precision engineering, the result of many years experience and an absolute passion for innovation.


Instant cold, hot or boiling water every time.

To boil water you once needed patience and a kettle. But now with GROHE Red®, which has an innovative boiler system, you can get six litres of boiling water straight from the faucet.


Delicious chilled and filtered water.

GROHE has invented a unique technology that turns ordinary tap water into something pure, exciting and refreshing. In an instant GROHE Blue® not only filters water but it also adds sparkle and delivers it at a perfect 6°C.

GROHE Showers

An unbeatable showering experience.

Revitalise your mind, body and soul with a truly stimulating and refreshing shower. All GROHE showers have a wide variety of luxurious functions that ensure you can create your own perfect shower experience.

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