GROHE Blue Professional

Ultimate Refreshment.

Every day, we all benefit from and enjoy the luxury of drinking water straight from the faucet. Most of us are happy using it for cooking and making cups of tea and coffee, but when it comes to drinking a glass of water, we are often put off by the taste and reach for a bottle of mineral water. Hardly convenient and not exactly sustainable either. Invest in a GROHE Blue water system and you’ll have instant access to a constant supply of freshly-filtered, great-tasting water.

GROHE Blue Professional combines the modern look of a designer faucet with a high-performance filter, cooler and carbonator – and is as easy to use as an ordinary kitchen faucet. The right lever on the faucet is used to mix hot and cold tap water as usual. A single turn of the left handle gives you fresh, cooled and two settings for sparkling water.

Finished in GROHE StarLight® chrome or SuperSteel Infinity FinishTM, the faucet has separate internal waterways – one for filtered water and the other for unfiltered water.

A fresh water spring in your kitchen.

Who can say no to the convenience of freshly-filtered water on tap? With GROHE Blue, water is more palatable, readily available and, depending on which model you select, even offers the choice of still or two levels of carbonation. And once the water has been filtered it never comes into contact with any metal parts or the regular unfiltered water.

Refreshingly Simple

The unique GROHE Blue water systems deliver fresh, great-tasting filtered water from the convenience of your kitchen faucet whenever you want it – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. An LED display on the faucet handle indicates when the water filter needs to be changed. The light flashes when the filter capacity is less than 10%. The filter lasts up to 12 months, has a capacity of 600 litres (158 gallons) and can be adjusted to the hardness of the water.

Two separate internal waterways – one for filtered water and the other for unfiltered water – and an innovative mousseur ensure that once the water has been filtered it never comes into contact with anything that may taint its taste.
Handling and internal waterways
  1. GROHE Blue filtered water
  2. Unfiltered mixed water

Operation and Carbonation

Fresh, cooled water can be yours straight from the faucet with a single turn of the left handle of the GROHE Blue. The first setting offers pure chilled water. The second setting offers slightly sparkling water and the third setting offers full carbonation.

The carbonator integrated in the built-in box adds especially fine bubbles to the filtered and cooled water to produce lightly sparkling or sparkling water according to taste.

The water temperature can also be set to your personal taste: the cooling can be individually regulated between 4 °C and 10 °C (39 - 50oF).

GROHE Blue carbonation levels:
1. Image: Blue - Filtered, still and chilled water
2. Image: Turquoise - Chilled medium sparkling water
3. Image: Green - Full sparkling water


The most precious resource in the safest hands

Water is not only the world’s most precious resource, but also the basis of all living things. GROHE and BWT, Europe‘s leading water professionals, represent safety, hygiene and the highest quality standards. We have combined the expertise of our two companies to deliver a completely new water experience.

Tap water is now transformed into pure refreshment, using the innovative GROHE Blue product range. GROHE Blue filters the water with technology supplied by BWT and then cools it down to the ideal temperature for you to enjoy, providing still water with fine bubbles or effervescent, sparkling water straight from the tap.
BWT’s global innovation offers all water gourmets a refreshing tasting water, filtered by BWT’s unique, patented Mg2+ technology and enriched with magnesium. Just perfect for your everyday drinking indulgence.

Purely a Matter of Taste

A representative survey which asked consumers to taste GROHE Blue water alongside three leading still mineral waters came to the conclusion that GROHE Blue water has a much better taste. 73% of the consumers surveyed assessed the taste of GROHE Blue water as “fresh”. Only 63% of those surveyed assessed the mineral waters as having a fresh taste.

But GROHE Blue water doesn’t just taste great by itself: it also gives coffee and tea a much more refined and intensive taste.
Clear taste test winner over 3 leading mineral waters.
GROHE Blue tastes fresher!

GROHE Blue is sustainable

For love of convenience and the environment.

Using a GROHE Blue filter system also means taking responsibility for the environment. And it´s high time: it takes an astonishing seven litres of water to produce a single litre of mineral water. In Germany alone, this represents 60km³ of water annually - more than the entire volume of Lake Constance.

In Germany, the production of mineral water consumes 2800 megawatts of energy and the CO2 emiisions correspond to 620000 diesel vehicles. According to estimates by the WWF (Wildlife Fund For Nature), the water industry needs some 1.5 million tones of plastivs each year, a large part of which remains un-recycled and ends up as landfill.

GROHE WaterCare® is a promise that we, togather with our customers, make to secure the future of this precious natural resource. This is the driving force behind the development of such products as GROHE Blue, which help people manage their water and energy consumption with every convenience.

GROHE Blue Pure

GROHE Blue Pure is the alternative solution for people who prefer the natural taste of still water. Using the unique GROHE Blue filter technology it turns ordinary tap water into fresh water, removing all of the substances that can impair its taste. Finished in GROHE StarLight® chrome or SuperSteel Infitity FinishTM, the faucet has separate internal waterways – one for filtered water and the other for unfiltered water.

This means that people who prefer ambient, still water without any carbonation at all do not have to miss out on the great taste of water from a GROHE Blue water system. The GROHE Blue filter cartridge can purify up to 600 litres (158 gallons) of water and can be replaced in just a few steps. It delivers a pure, refreshing taste experience with no aftertaste of heavy metals, limescale or chlorine.
GROHE Blue® Starter Kit

Design Awards

2014 interior innovation award

interior innovation award

GROHE Blue® Mono
2013 Perspective Award

Perspective Award

Trophy - GROHE Blue® Mono
2013 iF Product Design Award

iF Product Design Award

GROHE Blue® Mono
2013 red dot design award

red dot design award

GROHE Blue® Mono
2012 Good Design Japan

Good Design Japan

Best 100
2012 Good Design USA

Good Design USA

GROHE Blue® Mono
2011 interior innovation award

interior innovation award

2010 iF Product Design Award

iF Product Design Award

2010 IFA Usability Park Publikumspreis

IFA Usability Park Publikumspreis

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