Independent Testing Results

In addition to our rigorous internal tests, many of our products compete in independent tests, which compare the performance of our products against similar products manufactured by our competitors.

9 out of 10 consumers prefer New Tempesta showers

New Tempesta Душ гарнитура III
New Tempesta
Featuring up to four spray patterns and available in a choice of three designs styles, Cosmopolitan, Contemporary and Rustic, New Tempesta showers combine an exciting choice of showering sensations with unbeatable value.

But don’t just take our word for it. In a product test initiated by GROHE and conducted by independent market research institute, The Consumer View, in cooperation with the University of Applied Sciences Nordhausen, test participants replaced their hand shower with a New Tempesta. After using the shower at home for two weeks, the consumers were asked to give feedback.
The results speak for themselves: 9 out of 10 consumers said that they preferred the New Tempesta to their current hand shower.

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Scientifically proven:
GROHE showers are invigorating!

Rainshower® Ръчен душ Cosmopolitan 130 mm
GROHE DreamSpray® - verified vitalisation

In an extensive scientific research the University of Wuppertal proved that GROHE showers have a measurable vitalising effect.

The comprehensive study of the Institute for Physiological Psychology showed impressive results for several GROHE showers, such as Rainshower®, Relexa, Euphoria and Tempesta.

The so-called “Objective Emotional Assessment” is a holistic approach linking measurable physical reactions with subjective statements of the test persons.

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BEST in test – GROHE SilkMove®
leads the way as clear winner*

GROHE SilkMove
GROHE patented technology is at the heart of our single lever mixers.

In a challenging mechanical endurance test for single lever mixers GROHE went up against nine products of other renowned international manufacturers. Areas tested included 1. actuation forces, 2. lever play, 3. precision of water adjustment and 4. water tightness.
The result – GROHE Eurodisc was the clear test winner. This success can be attributed to the unique GROHE SilkMove® Technology.
Benchmark standards that continue to define quality for the rest of the industry.

* Tests conducted by TÜV SÜD Product Service GmbH, Germany, a globally acknowledged certifier and major international service group with decades of testing and certification experience.

The TÜV SÜD is an internationally acknowledged testing and inspection company, guaranteeing highest levels of objectivity and quality standards.

The long time comparison test of the mechanical performance of single lever mixer for wash basins is based on the two technical standards DIN EN 817: 10/1997 and NF 077: 07/2005.
The test dimensions were 1. actuation forces, 2. lever play, 3. precision and 4. water tightness split into a total of 40 individual tests.

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International Thermostat test -
Clear winner: GROHE!

Grohtherm 2000 Термостатен смесител за вана
Test winners in the major independent test of 17 competing European products.
Tested: relevant criteria with genuine consumer utility benefit:

Control quality
GROHE TurboStat® technology scored the best results in the entire test! For previously unknown shower enjoyment.

Extremely high safety standards and care-free shower enjoyment for the whole family thanks to GROHE TurboStat® and GROHE CoolTouch® – GROHE is "Safety" test winner in all categories!

Highest comfort levels in the test. Thermal disinfection also posed no problems for the Grohtherm products.

Service Quality
Time saving and cost efficient maintenance service thanks to the compact cartridge and practise service information.

The clear winner in the major market test: GROHE
In the test: 17 thermostats from leading manufacturers from all over Europe.

Three categories – three undisputed winners:

Grohtherm 3000

Grohtherm 3000 Термостатен смесител за вана
Best product in the entire test with four 1st places in four test categories! Clear victory in the top category for GROHE TurboStat® and GROHE CoolTouch® technology. Premium quality for uncompromising buyers.

Grohtherm 2000

Grohtherm 2000 Термостатен смесител за душ
Undisputed winner in the mid-price category thanks to GROHE CoolTouch® and GROHE TurboStat®. The all-rounder and safety expert.

Grohtherm 1000

Grohtherm 1000 Термостатен смесител за душ
The performance giant with GROHE TurboStat® in the lower price category. The best buy for price-conscious consumers!
Grohtherm 3000 Термостатен смесител за душ
The result underlines the competitive advantage of Grohtherm thermostats: GROHE sets market standards through consequent further development and uncompromising tests.

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In practical test GROHE Rapid SL proved to be the quickest installation system

Rapid SL за WC
GROHE subjected Rapid SL for dry-cladding for WCs to a practical test conducted by an independent institute with the products of five other renowned manufacturers.

Pre-wall installation
WC frames for dry-cladding with actuation

Over 30 % time saving compared to the runner-up; with the lead over the mid-range even at 100% or more.

Studded wall installation
WC frames for dry-cladding with actuation

Up to 90 % time gain possible compared to the tested competitors’ products.
Assuming 1.000 installed WC frames, the total labour time saved amounts to more than five complete working weeks per year!

The REFA labour time evaluation commissioned by GROHE was based on a comparison of the installation times and procedures for six installation systems for dry cladding from leading manufacturers. The practical test was first conducted in 2007 and updated by a follow-up test under the same conditions in 2009 and 2011. The installations were performed by qualified fitters designated by the Dortmund Chamber of Skilled Crafts. 5 rough installations and 7 final installations were performed on trial walls for each make. The fitters took turns and worked under otherwise identical conditions.

Information on procedure and summary on the tested products you will find under: