GROHE Guarantee

GROHE Manufacturer’s Guarantee 2 years plus

GROHE products are designed to be both visionary and innovative with quality always guaranteed. Purchasing GROHE products means your investment is perfectly balanced in terms of quality, technology and design with sustainable production.

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The 5 year Manufacturer’s Guarantee

GROHE Guarantee
High quality materials and the latest manufacturing methods combine with market-leading technologies to ensure reliable performance for many years. This gets reflected in our 5 year Manufacturer’s Guarantee.

We know that you expect top performance from us. And we are committed to fulfill that expectation. In the unlikely event of a repair or a replacement, we as well as your trusted specialised fitter will be there for you.

You can always rely on our GROHE quality. Guaranteed.

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Extended Manufacturer’s Guarantee 10 years

Benefit – both you and your customers – from our Extended Manufacturer’s Guarantee 10 years (applicable for products being manufactured after March 1st, 2013) for built-in cisterns (solo) and our built-in cisterns in our installation system Rapid SL, Uniset and Rapid Pro as well as our Rapido and Non-Rapido built-in devices.

In particular for products whose function is decisive and which then disappear behind the wall, the security of a manufacturer’s guarantee is elementary. It offers you the good feeling to have taken the right decision regards quality, innovation and technology by trusting GROHE’s rear panel technology.

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