When it comes to perfect bathroom design, the ultimate guide should be your own personal style. At GROHE, we want to enable you to put your vision into reality. That’s why we developed the GROHE SPA Colours. The combination of our outstanding design lines and exclusive colours gives you the ultimate freedom of choice to perfectly express your individuality.

A carefully selected range of 10 colours and finishes will give you countless options to complement your interior design.

Freedom of choice

GROHE Essence offers a fascinating variety to choose from.

A luxurious variety of premium products that fascinates with a modern and elegant design: that is the philosophy behind Essence. Be inspired by the two high quality finishes of Essence: the classic elegance of polished surfaces and the modern purity of brushed surfaces.

The updated Essence line now comes in 10 colours, giving you more options than ever to express your ideas.

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Like a diamond

The luxurious designs of GROHE Allure Brilliant refine every bathroom

Crisp planes, intriguing angles and cut-out details, GROHE Allure Brilliant illustrates the absolute precision that can only be achieved through years of experience and an unfaltering passion for innovation. Complex without being complicated, its faceted mixers add a new dimension to bathroom design and a new dimension to water. With its gem-like quality and structured shape GROHE Allure Brilliant exudes architectural appeal. Our designers and engineers have taken on the roles of lapidaries, refining and polishing with utmost care to create a collection of intriguing designs, which will challenge your perception of bathroom fittings.

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Tomorrow´s grand style

Combining both round and square forms, GROHE Grandera creates true harmony within the home

Puristic, simple and yet extravagant. Clean, square and yet round. Timeless, classic and yet modern. The GROHE Grandera collection reconciles traditional opposites in one harmonious design. The result is an exceptionally diverse collection of extremely durable fittings, thermostats showers and accessories. For us at GROHE, design is much more than just an aesthetic accessory. We are devoted to the ideal union of form and function. To achieve this, we always try to explore new paths, as we did with GROHE Grandera. Inspired by the superellipse, our design team created the GROHE Squircle, combining the round form together with the square form. The result acts as the basis of our GROHE Grandera design.

The GROHE Grandera collection stands for perfection, right down to the smallest detail. The entire range, from the head shower to the thermostat
and from the washbasin fitting to the ceramics, is perfectly coordinated. If you want to turn a bathroom into a place of extravagance, GROHE Grandera is the ideal choice.

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