Concealed thermostat with hand and side showers

Product recommendations

Practical information
Versatile - the combination of the hand shower with the side showers allows the user to enjoy water from all sides.
Comfortable - the GROHE Aquadimmer is an operating lever that allows choosing between the hand shower and side showers and controls the flow rate at the same time.
Safe – for people with children, we recommend the use of a thermostat fitting, which ensures a constant water temperature to provide protection against scalding.

Installation information

Equipped with the latest GROHE technology, the GROHE Rapido T concealed thermostat provides a flow rate of over 50 litres per minute at a pressure of 3 bar. This guarantees an optimum supply of water to the side showers. When dimensioning the drain, make sure that the maximum amount of water produced can run off safely. Operating this shower with an instantaneous water heater is not recommended. The hot water storage tank should be sufficiently large.

Please observe the recommended installation height of the showers on table.

Water quantities
Minimum requirements to ensure good functioning of this shower solution:
• Recommended pressure: 2.2 bar ahead of the thermostat fitting
• 4 l/min. per side shower
• 7 l/min. for the hand shower

General tips for installation
Please make sure that the water volume and the water pressure is adequate so as the waste is sufficiently be dimensioned.