GROHE Blue® - Installation video

Unpacking GROHE Blue®

  • CO2 bottle
  • Accessories kit
  • Kitchen tap + 600l filter (blue box)
  • Chiller
  • Installation guide
  • Fixing Template 

Working steps

  • Tightening of the t-piece, setting up the water pressure limiter and connecting to the t-piece
  • Connecting of the water pressure limiter to the angle valve
  • Installing the kitchen tap on the sink
  • Fixation of the tap, connecting the flexi hoses to the pipe connections
  • Cut out the fitting template
  • Mark out the ventilation opening and the fixing feet
  • Saw the holes for ventilation opening and fixing feet
  • Mounting the CO2 bottle holder
  • Connecting the drinking water hoses to the chiller
  • Water connection from chiller to kitchen tap
  • Connect the 6V tab control cable and 230V power cable tap to the chiller
  • Position the chiller in the pre-prepared fixing holes
  • Water connection from water pressure limiter to filterhead
  • Connecting of the blue drinking water hose to the filter head, locking with the red clamp
  • Screwing of the filter into the filterhead
  • Open corner valves, connect the 230V power cable to the plug socket (afterwards the chiller will automatically fill with water)
  • Screw the adapter to the CO2 bottle (small adapter for 425gr, big adapter for 2kg CO2-bottles)
  • Connect the CO2-hose (red) to the CO2-pressure limiter, locking with the red clamp
  • Connect the CO2-pressure limiter with the CO2-bottle, open valve (only for 2kg bottle)
  • Fixing of the CO2 bottle at the chiller
  • Measure the water hardness, set-up the level of water hardness according to the installation guide at the filter head and chiller
  • How to pour the different water types: still/chilled, medium sparkling/ chilled, full sparkling/ chilled

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